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VAT Consultants Services| Alberts Accounting and Tax Consultant

VAT Consultants

What does VAT Consultant in UAE at ALBERTS Accounting and Tax Consultants provide

  1. Timely, precise & cost-effective support/VAT advisory services from the VAT Expert for the queries or issues confronted by the businesses.
  2. VAT impact analysis.
  3. Formulating solutions and preparing for recommendations designed to provide advice on taxation for clients.
  4. VAT Consultant Service through meetings and discussions.
  5. Advisory Service on call.
  6. Queries or clarifications raised through telephone / email will be answered or advised through telephone / email itself.
  7. VAT Consultants service with personal visit to the client office.
  8. Handling industry specific issues with precise guidance to comply with the UAE VAT law.
  9. Advisory Services with regard to Customs clearance as well as designated zone related issues.

Why is VAT Consultant Services important in the UAE

UAE has entered into the world of Taxes very recently. While Excise Tax was introduced with effect from 1st October 2017, Value Added Tax (VAT) has just taken its course from 1st January 2018. The rate of Excise tax for carbonated drinks is applicable at 50% and it 100% applicable for tobacco and energy drinks. But, at the same time the VAT rate is applicable at just a minimal rate of 5%, which is the lowest tax rate among other parts of the world.

The UAE businesses are facing quiet a number of challenges while implementing VAT in their business stream to ensure that they are VAT compliant. As VAT is a newly adopted concept in the region, it requires qualified and experienced Tax professionals advise to support the businesses especially, while complying in the initial stages of this transition. ALBERTS Accounting and Tax Consultants provides experienced professional as their tax advisers. Tax Experts have relevant industry specific experience in taxation complying with international standards.

how can we help you?

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